Brand New Website + Feathers Quilt Kit Debut!

Welcome to our brand new website! We've spent months trying to get this just right for you and to increase functionality and design while maintaining a clean and modern aesthetic. We hope this big change makes it easier for you to shop our store! 

During the past few weeks, we've been sewing a lot of samples in preparation for upcoming markets and events we'll be attending. Namely, we're attending Fall Quilt Festival in Houston so we're already prepping kits and getting those underway because it really does take months of work to get ready for these huge events! I'd like to start showing off those kits and samples to you here, so you can see them completed! We'll offer limited numbers of the kits on our website, too, so if you can't attend our events, you'll still be able to snag some awesome goodies!

Check back with our blog often to keep up on important shop updates, product launches, new information, and fun tutorials and samples!

Up first, we have our Sunprints 2018 Feathers Quilt Kit! Dena made this quilt for us using our kit and then we went out and photographed it to show it off! What do you think? We love the combination of Essex Linen and bright, vibrant Alison Glass Sun Prints 2018 together!

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