Quilt Festival 2019 | Samples

Posted on 18 September 2018

We're taking a trip to Houston to participate in Quilt Festival, November 8-11 and we hope to see you there! This post to showcase some of the samples we're bringing so when you purchase a kit, you can see how it was made after you get back home! There's nothing more frustrating than getting home and realizing you have no idea which fabric goes where!

Making Backpack | Pattern by Noodlehead - Anna Graham


Range Backpack | Pattern by Noodlehead - Anna Graham

Isabelle Clutch | Pattern by Pink Door Fabrics

** Because this print is a border print, the border portion is used on the exterior and the opposite side of the fabric is used on the interior.

Open Wide! Pouches | Pattern by By Annie Patterns

Explorer Tote | Pattern by Noodlehead - Anna Graham

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