Order Update


Due to COVID and the restrictions in various parts of the supply chain, we are unfortunately experiencing some delays with fabric arrivals and shipments. Many of our shipments arrive in the US via California ports, which are now operating on very limited capacity and are experiencing delays. Once fabric enters the US, it is shipped over-land via UPS and Fed-Ex to the distributors, which are also experiencing capacity overloads right now.
Please read on for more information regarding upcoming lines and current orders.
DAYBREAK AND OPENING NIGHT FROM LINEWORK BY TULA PINK KITS: We are expecting the remainder of our order for these sometime in January - kits will ship as fabric arrives.
RISE: This collection is on it's way to us and will ship late in the week of Jan 18th. (updated 1/13/21)
PHOSPHOR RESTOCK/ORBITER KITS: We do not have an ETA on this yet, but we anticipate a February 2021 arrival. 
TULA PINK TUTTO BAGS: Per the distributor - "Bags are currently delayed int eh water. There was a storm that hit the boat lost some containers so we're waiting to hear if it was our bags that were lost at sea. Delays can be anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. Crossing our fingers to hear that the containers are headed our way and not affected by the storm." (updated 1/12/21)
We appreciate your understanding and patience during these unprecedented times. We are monitoring shipments daily, and will be processing them just as quickly as humanly possible once they arrive to us. As if all of this wasn’t enough to contend with, please also be aware that USPS is experiencing delays and a surplus of shipments right now. You will receive tracking information via email (or you can also see it in your account page on our website). If there is an issue with shipping, once it has left our shop, you will need to contact USPS directly. Thanks so much!!
I kindly and respectfully ask you to check your account and/or email for up-to-date information regarding shipment and try to avoid emailing us, as we are working hard to get these processed and shipped as quickly as we can! Also, if you see in your order that you also have future-arrival items on the same order, IT WILL BE HELD UNTIL THOSE ITEMS ARRIVE, unless you email us and tell us you’d like to pay a bit of extra shipping to ship what’s available now.
As always, we’re so appreciative of you continued support! We thank you so much!
Chelsea + The Pink Door Team