Sew Fancy Maker Space

Maker Space

Sew Fancy’s Maker Space will be open Sept 19th after Tula's lecture until midnight. We’ll open the space again in the morning for classes. Friday and Saturday, Sept 20th-21st, the space will open for free sewing/creating after classes end (approx. 4pm) and will remain open until midnight.

The group will split into two groups - one goes with Tula on Friday and Annie on Saturday. The second group will be with Annie on Friday and Tula on Saturday. We’ll break for lunch for one (1) hour in which lunch will be provided Friday and Saturday. 

Approximately 2-3 months in advance of Sew Fancy Retreat, you'll be sent class requirements. It's HIGHLY recommended you come prepared, please. Tula and Annie want to utilize all the time they can and to do so, you'll need your materials cut and prepped ahead of time!

If you’re bringing a machine or items, don’t worry about carrying them back to your room — we’ll lock up every night for you. This time is yours to finish up class projects and other sewing projects.

There will be cutting and ironing stations and we will have a Pink Door Fabrics Pop Up Shop for you to shop for necessary supplies or splurges!

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