Anna Maria Horner - Award Ceremony - Quilt Pattern - Digital PDF
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My Honor Roll fabric collection is inspired by the idea of being good. The prints themselves took cues from the

smaller scale and tidy forms that I found in an heirloom collection of handkerchiefs that belonged to my great

grandmother. The very use of such a lovely hankie was something that started me thinking of the types of girls we

“used” to be. How generations have changed. How the desire to “be good” is as vintage as the designs

themselves. And of course the failed attempts at being good also inspired some of the print titles like “Misguided

Gingham” and “Chatterbox”...but back to achievement. What better tribute to a job well done than prize ribbons?

This formal arrangement of larger than life ribbons makes up what I named the Award Ceremony Quilt, though you

could decorate a quilt background in any number of ways with this spin-off of the Dresden plate.

The construction of this quilt is marked by a pieced background with appliqued ribbon tails and appliqued

Dresden plates. I used both machine and hand applique techniques and throughout the instructions I will guide you

through that process and also point out where you could use an alternate method. While the required materials

offered below are for a 60”x72” quilt, you could easily scale it larger or smaller with more or less rows or columns of

blocks, just be aware changing scale will require more or less fabric. (Keep in mind also in reading through

requirements that this quilt is very layered due to applique, so the yardage is pretty hefty.)