Color Continuum No. 02 - Carolina Patchworks - 5 Quilt Patterns Included
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Carolina Patchworks

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Color Continuum No. 02 - Carolina Patchworks - Quilt Patterns - 5 Included

In quilts, as in life, few things are more important than color.
Color evokes a mood, color sets a contrast, color is the spark that can make the everyday — extraordinary. Color Continuum is an 
exploration of how different approaches to creating a unique 
palette for a quilt can imbue it with emotion or suggest 
anything from an everyday scene to a classic painting.

In no 2. polychromatic, pure white light is split into its intrinsic components: the rainbow. This most elemental of natural 
phenomena provides, with a basis deep in optics, provides the most fundamental organization of the color spectrum. Yet at the same time its ends are found deep in our collective imagination, evoking a powerful sense of wonder and beauty. It’s no surprise, then, to find that it can be applied in innumerable ways to give the same fantastic charm, simultaneously peaceful and lively, to our creations. This volume explores this idea, imbuing a set of five quilts with every portion of the spectrum short of a pot of gold.

44 pages + cover 
August 2014

Project measurements: 
Snood: 69” x 75” 
Delilah: 54” x 64” 
Bubble Tree: 70” x 70” 
Discord: 64” x 80” 
Megapixel: 60” x 67.5”