Queen of Diamonds - Printed Pattern


Block 1-1 | The second J icon in the upper left chart is incorrect- it should be a diamond rather than a triangle. 

Block 7-3 | The Pom Poms in first line of chart are PWTP069.LUNAR, not MOONBEAM.

Page 68, Step 7 | Reference the layout on page 69 (not 62) to determine which fabric to use on the cornerstones. Regarding the cornerstone template - the template in the pattern isn't printed to correct size; please do not use this template. The cornerstones also do not match the F or J templates and we now offer the template for the cornerstone in the Lattice Acrylic Set or via download here

Why is my block finishing slightly larger than it's supposed to? | Paper Pieces are produced in a way that they match up to each other EXACTLY. Once you baste your pieces and sew them together, you're adding in seam allowances for each piece. This makes your block slightly larger than it's supposed to finish. When sewing blocks to one another, you can ease them together to finish at the same size. To do this, put your blocks right sides together and tack each corner. You can tie a knot with your thread, or use notions like Wonder Clips or SewTites. Next, you can hold your blocks with a slight curve to them while whip-stitching them together. Remember, when you take out your Paper Pieces, your fabric will relax and fall perfectly into place.