Rewards Program

Just for signing up for a store account, you'll get 200 points!

When you spend $1, you get 1 point. Continue accumulating points to earn rewards!

When you get 250 Points = You'll get a $5 Reward or Free Shipping! 
When you get 400 Points = You'll get a $10 Reward
When you get 800 Points = You'll get a $25 Reward

To redeem points, please log in to your store account. Then, click on the Rewards link at the bottom of your screen. It will open a popup showing your current rewards totals. You can then click redeem (if eligible) to get a coupon code you can use at checkout.

++ These rewards cannot be combined with any other discounts. They cannot be applied to purchases already made and they cannot be used for recurring charges (Block of the Month programs).

++ I see that I've earned some points. How do I access and redeem those?