Frixion - Light Pastel Highlighter Pack

Frixion - Light Pastel Highlighter Pack

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Pilot's FriXion Light Pastel Series features soft, soothing, sophisticated highlighter colors designed to emphasize what you want without fluorescent pigments, and erase cleanly! The future of highlighting is here! While highlighting work, notes, or textbooks, we've all accidentally highlighted the wrong word, or ended up with a completely fluorescent over-highlighted page. It would be ideal if we could have more soothing highlighter color options, and be able to un-highlight certain sections. With the FriXion Light Pastel Series highlighters, that's not a problem! Simply rub the 'erasing tip' at the top over the highlighting and the ink will disappear cleanly, with no eraser shavings. The FriXion Light erasable highlighter allows you to highlight, erase and re-highlight repeatedly without damaging documents. FriXion's unique thermo-sensitive ink is formulated to deliver both smooth pastel color and complete erasing.

  • Highlights in Pastel, Erases Clean
  • FriXion is America's #1 selling erasable pen brand
  • Available in 11 pastel ink color options that add subtle emphasis to your work
  • Highlight and erase repeatedly without damaging documents - no wear or tear!
  • Unique thermo-sensitive gel ink formula that disappears with erasing friction
  • Contains 87% recycled content


SKU: 15658FX
Manufacturer: Pilot

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