Omnigrid 360 - 8 inch Rotating Mat - 8WGR

Omnigrid 360 - 8 inch Rotating Mat - 8WGR

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The Omnigrid 360 8in Rotating Cutting Mat makes rotary cutting easy, even in a small space. Rotate the mat instead of your body, which saves time, reduces fatigue and improves accuracy. All the advantages of our 14in rotating mat but sized to sit conveniently next to a sewing machine
- Non-slip rotating base lightly suctions to flat table surface
- Scalloped edge for easy rotating with fingertips
- Includes centering measurements that improve accuracy
- 1/2in overall grid lines for easy alignment
- 30°, 45° and 60° markings for angle cuts

  • Color: Green
  • Made of: Plastic
  • Use: Cutting Mat
  • Size: 8in Diameter
  • Included: One Rotating Mat

  • SKU: 8WGR
    Manufacturer: Omnigrid

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