PREORDER - Renaissance Ribbons - Tula Pink - Roar in Storm - Designer Pack
PREORDER - Renaissance Ribbons - Tula Pink - Roar in Storm - Designer Pack

PREORDER - Renaissance Ribbons - Tula Pink - Roar in Storm - Designer Pack

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Tula Pink - Roar in Storm - Designer Pack

We are so excited to introduce the brand new stunning Roar collection of woven jacquard ribbons! Pulling all the best parts of Roar, we worked with Tula to create a perfectly coordinated collection of ribbons suited to match and work cohesively with the collection. We are proud to announce that this collection will arrive in April/May 2024, just in time as the fabric releases then, too!

"When I was a child, I believed that every hill I saw was simply where a dinosaur lay down and died, and then grass grew over it. I have no idea where this information came from, but to my 6-year-old mind, this was a flawless piece of logic. I used to look out the window and try to guess which kind of dinosaur each hill was hiding while checking my children's encyclopedia of pre-historic animals. I was pretty good at it, considering this was my own theory, I was correct 100% of the time. As an adult, the dinosaur wing is still my first stop at the Natural History Museum.

Dinosaurs are amazing and huge and mysterious. They lived tens of millions of years ago and the fascination with these giant creatures still exists today. Is it their size? Definitely. Is it about how differently they moved and lived? For sure. Is it how little we still know about them and the world they existed in? Absolutely."

-Tula Pink

Elevate your projects to new heights with the new Roar collection of ribbons, where we bring back dinosaurs in a whole new light! Add these gorgeous masterpieces to your next projects - you won't be heartbroken!

This pack includes 5 perfectly coordinated Roar ribbons!


1 yard - 5/8" wide Dinosaur Eggs in Mint - reversible woven jacquard ribbon
1 yard - 7/8" wide Stargazer in Mint - Beautiful pink star/cosmic design with deep gold accents
1 yard - 7/8" wide Meteor Shower in Blush - Shooting stars of metallic gold thread flying across a hot pink background with light pink stars
1 yard - 1-1/2" wide Stargazer in Metallic Mint - same design, bigger size and filled with metallic gold threads
1 yard - 5/8" wide Dinosaur Eggs in Blush - reversible woven jacquard ribbon

The ribbons will embellish many sewing and crafting projects, from bag making to dog collars and add unique accents to any textile project.

100% polyester, washable on a gentle cycle.

SKU: DP-104 Roar Storm
Manufacturer: Renaissance Ribbons

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