SewTites Bar Lite 5pk

SewTites Bar Lite 5pk

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Designed for people with arthritis and other health challenges, SewTites Lite Bars are the same size as our purple Minis, but have lower strength magnets so they're easier to slide apart. Use SewTites Lite Bars when working on EPP projects and lightweight quilting and embroidery in the hoop projects. To use, simply slide the magnet apart, align with the pieces you need to sew together, snap on the SewTites, and sew. No more hand fatigue. No more working around clips and pins. No more moving clips and pins. Each package includes 5 SewTites Lite Bars. SewTites Lite Bar Dimensions: 1.25in x .5in (32 x 12 mm)

  • Made of: Plastic and Metal
  • Use: Magnetic Sewing pins
  • Included: 5 magnets per package

  • SKU: ST-LITE-B-5
    Manufacturer: SewTites

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    Reviews from Pink Door Fans


    I cannot WAIT to see this whole quilt put together. Honestly, I'm kind of glad you only gave us the color wash picture to start with. If I'd seen all the individual pieces, I might have been too intimidated. It really hasn't been hard, though. You've done an AWESOME job getting everything to us and making the whole project possible. I just can't thank you enough.

    Harrisville, West Virginia

    "I was SOOO happy with what I got :)
    WOW! What an awesome Scrap Box for the ~10+ yards. A wide selection of larger and smaller cuts, prints and solids, and a few of different designers <3 (including some I kicked myself for not buying when the collection was still in stock) AND a couple of unexpecteds! I got one of the quilt blocks from the Tattoo Quilt BOM that I missed out on. SCORE! I also received a Curvy Clutch

    Grosse Ile, MI

    “Wow, the Pink Door team has gone so far above and beyond the expectation for this BOM. I was nervous about doing this, but the videos in the Facebook group have been amazing and I’m loving EPP!”

    Toronto, Canada

    "Thank you so much for your quick and responsive customer service! I'll be a customer for life!"

    Los Angeles, CA

    "Even with repeated delays in shipping, you were constantly in touch and I appreciate it so much!"

    Boise, ID

    "Your BOMs are the best in the biz (granted, I’ve only done a BOM with one other company, but seriously, y’all set the bar really high). Worth every penny and I have no qualms about paying slightly more in shipping when everything is so crazy right now. 

    Keep being you and being awesome. Please express my gratitude with the whole team."

    St Paul, MN

    "I know I can depend on you all to do the right and honest thing. I appreciated the communication even though it was not necessary. Everyone at Pink Door has always been helpful and friendly!"

    Portland, OR